Welcome to Top Life Coaching,

At TLC, we provide coaching and mentoring services with the unique blend of our inherited intuitive intelligence, idea generating talent, rich career and life experience, which is acknowledged as the cream of the crop.

The hardest thing in our lives is not about setting goals. It is about having the right strategies to achieve the goals.

Our mission is to equip and enlighten you with the strategies, tools and confidence for the challenges that you encounter in your busy life and career.

Life is short. Everyone deserves more happiness and success in their lives. 

We assist you in preparing to tackle foreseen and unforeseen challenges with our unique capabilities. We are here to listen to you and bridge you to a brighter future.


Why do I need a coach?

Everyone needs a coach. We all need people who give us feedback that is how we improve.” Bill Gates

The reason why everyone needs a coach is because one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them.” Eric Schmidt, former CEO, Google

Unique Approach and 4DB Programme

We use results-oriented approaches to transform your life. 

Our 4-Dimensional Braining (4DB) Programme is unique and purpose oriented.  Our strategies are sharp and direct, but we adopt consulting approaches tactfully. With our unique intelligence and experience we are able to understand your needs and capabilities quickly. The strategy is formulated to unearth your potential and empower you to master the “game of life”.

We clarify your thoughts and doubts through our initial assessment. Together we set goals by using our unique intuitive vision and we customise strategies for you to achieve these goals.

We understand that our lives are forever changing; the people we meet are different; the environments we are in are different and the events that happen in our lives are different.

During your time with us, you will receive strategies that are fine tuned and re-adjusted to reflect the changes in your life and career.


Why do you choose us?

We are familiar with your industry and we believe that prevention takes us one step ahead in our lives. Our unique intelligence foresees the potentials in you and visualises opportunities to achieve your next goal. More importantly we provide you with fine-tuned strategies once a change has occurred in your life or career.

We do not believe that there is a one-size fits all life coaching approach for our high achieving clients. After the first session, we will start using our 4DB Programme that has been created and tailored especially to meet your individual needs for the following sessions. From the beginning, you will start to develop more confidence in taking control of your life. The perceived insurmountable hurdles of the past will seem insignificant when compared with your tomorrow’s achievements.


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