Why We are Unique for You

You will not see “Testimonials Page” and “Questions and Answers” page on our website. There are three reasons:

  • We do not promote our business at our clients’ expense.
  • We believe that our clients are capable of choosing the right coach.
  • We value and respect our clients’ privacy seriously and deeply.

We understand your value and vision from the moment we meet. Our focus is on the present and future.

Our consultations are based on intelligent understanding and there is no pre-assessment needed.

Our unique intuitive intelligence enables us to design each session differently to suit your special needs.

The customised Equation of Your Success is our unique product and we know that you deserve the best.


Deliver with Passion and Intuition

The intuition and brainpower enable us to formulate 100 percent customised Equation of Success for our executive and elite clients. This formula provides the key to exceptional results and equips you with the tools that lead to remarkable success in your career and life.

We foresee your potentials towards your brighter future through our unique intelligence. We empower you and accelerate you on the path to reach your next milestone with our talent and strong passion. 

Our unique coaching approaches and intuitive intelligence can provide you a completely different experience that will bridge you from your excellent thinking to superior performance, furthermore, to achieve your life goals. Our mission for executive and elite clients is to become the best of the best in the field that you have ambition and passion for.


Senior Executives and Elites

Our clients are those who want to be excellent and beyond in their lives; who want to mark their family's history; who want to be influential; and who want to get respect from all aspects.

You may be a senior executive or are aiming to become one. We provide all the tools, formulae, strategies and adjusted solutions that correspond to the changes around you.

We calibrate your goals at the beginning of the first consultation with our intuitive intelligence. We will uncover the truth about how you are perceived by others around you.

You can choose any topics that come to your mind. It is important that you keep an open mind during the conversation. This part of the consultation service is especially structured for those who are seeking for a brain challenged conversation. This has been proven to encourage innovation, stimulate imagination and boost motivation or simply become a way to relax intelligently from your busy schedule.

Each consultation is structured as a 2-hour session. The rate for one session starts from NZ$500.


Platinum Services

We provide onsite platinum services that will allow you to take advantages of our unique intuitive intelligence.

We are innovators with intuitive and inherent business sense. In today’s business world we create and foresee the opportunities in order to prepare you for the upcoming challenges.

  • If you have an important business meeting we can provide you the strategies from a different perspective.
  • If you are stepping into a difficult negotiation we will show you how to turn the table around.
  • If you are about to make a critical decision we can provide the reassurance that you may need and will assist you with the right decision making.
  • If you want to hire a key staff or partner up with someone from the finalists we can assist you to choose the best candidate.
  • Other onsite services may be provided upon request and availability.

The rate of each onsite platinum service is subject to the degree of difficulties. The starting rate is NZ$1,000.


Feng Shui Services

We also provide onsite Feng Shui analytical services to investors, developers, agencies and our elite clients.

Traditionally the properties in New Zealand are typically built to optimise land use and utility rather than auspiciousness. If you are in the real estate industry, our services can add value to your business and attract high-end clients. For our elite clients, if you are considering investing in properties, our onsite consultation can assist you with building your wealth faster.

  • No matter if it is for purchasing an auspicious land, subdivision or renting/buying business premises, we are able to provide valuable advice on making the best choice.
  • If you want to build or renovate your business buildings or residential dwellings we are able to assist you in determining the auspicious positioning and structuring. We also assist with building plans to maximize the overall auspiciousness of your properties.
  • If you want to decorate or stage your properties, we will provide consultation on the auspicious set-up in 3-dimensional space and interior design. Our services are not limited to positioning of furniture and decorations, colour and atmosphere setting. It is the holistic combination that creates the right flow for each room.
  • We also provide unique Feng Shui services to your home, your room, your office, your store or your clinic to create the harmonious and auspicious atmosphere for you and your business.

The rate of each onsite Feng Shui service is subject to the degree of difficulties. The starting rate is NZ$1,000.


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